Bar Beach Grill

The Bar Beach serves heavenly comfort cuisine in a traditional bar scene, replete with refreshing cocktails and more juicy grilled food than you can shoot a stick at! We have bottomless Prosecco, Cocktails and Beer on tap all day. In a nutshell of afro heaven- From grilled lamb suya starters, Mac and cheese to mixed seafood platters that have your lobster, king prawns, fish, crabs etc matching the jollof rice all in one scrumptious plate.

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Exclusive Brunch Menu

Bottomless Brunch Menu

Various brunch meal choices

Hunters Brunch • Fisherman's Brunch • Veggie Brunch(Make Vegan)

Bottomless Brunch Drinks

Cocktails • Mocktails • Draught Beers

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A tropical-themed grill and bar that originally comes from African music and art while offering all of your favourite dishes.

The more time you spend here with your friends and family, the more it feels like you're on one long, nearly never-ending vacation, packed with fantastic continental cuisine and drinks, oodles of love and laughs, and all that good stuff! This is the perfect place to unwind with loved ones and simply get away from it all -Only the whereabouts of Bar Beach Grill on Lewisham High Road

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What's on The Menu

Food Menu

Our Popular Chicken

Bar Beach Burgers

Rice and Stew Meals

Sides • Little Bites • Desserts

Drinks Menu

Cocktails • Mocktails

Beers • Wine •

Soft Drinks • Hot Drinks

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Brunch At Beach

Bar Beach... has launched Its NEW brunch menu for Saturday's.Get your designated time-slots to enjoy our flavoursome set menu for your afternoon Saturdays consisting of three set choice menus, covering seafood, vegetarian and of course meat lovers dishes. Also designed for an intimate setting or for large scale parties.

Bar Beach Grill

Grill Beef Suya

Bar Beach Grill

Grilled Chicken

Bar Beach Grill

Lamb Chops

Bar Beach Grill

Crispy Flavour Prawns

Bar Beach Grill

Halloumi Fries

Bar Beach Grill


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Funky music, stunning artistry, beverages, and the hottest barbecues. incredible dining experience